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Steelwork Design

We have a huge amount of residential project experience. We originated from a family building construction business and have built our very own extensions and self build so we can offer a sensible and practical service. We keep the company small and flexible so you dont have to pay VAT!

An extension/ renovation/ loft conversion/ new builds always involves structural engineering of the foundations, walls, floors and roof. Increasingly, the rooms required are large open plan spaces and these require more innovative structural designs. And of course, supporting the first floor, wall and roof above the opening into the extension requires structural design and specification.

We will provide both construction drawings for the builder and calculations for Building Control approval. Whilst Building Control will inspect during the build phase, you may wish to have your Engineer inspect construction to confirm that the strucutral design has been implemented correctly.

We have significant experience in the structural design of steel superstructures across a wide spectrum of sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Industrial/Commercial, Nuclear, Residential, Retail, Healthcare, Education and Rail. The following list is a selection of the more common steel elements / structures that we are familiar with. 

Sway frames, Lintels, Beam and columns, Bracing systems, Floor supporting systems, Trusses, Crane girder/ runway beams, Steelwork connections, Portal frames, Cladding rails/ purlins, Mezzanine/ storage structures, Pipe bridges / Supports, Balustrades and Balconys.

Foundation Design

The adoption of the most appropriate and economical foundation is to a significant extent governed by the ground conditions encountered and type of structure to be supported. Our design capability extends from the simplicity of trench fill or strip foundations adjacent trees, through various forms of reinforced concrete rafts/ slabs or ground beams, to the relative complexity of a piled solution or even a basement design.

We are also competent in the various methods of underpinning techniques to stabilise buildings that are suffering effects from differential settlement. Our underpinning designs may take various forms, from traditional mass concrete blocks, mass concrete pad and reinforced concrete beam/ slab,to piled solutions or further specialist techniques.

Extensions & Renovations

Reinforced Concrete Design, 

Bar Detailing &  Scheduling

There are numerous concrete elements across various sectors that we have design experience of. The following list is a selection of the more common concrete elements / structures that we are familiar with. 

Foundations – strip, trench, raft, piled, underpin, beam and pad, basements, ground bearing/ suspended slabs, lift/ stair core shafts, shear walls, liquid retaining structures, containers, tanks, bunkers and silos and retaining walls.

We offer a full Reinforced Concrete detailing and bar scheduling service produced to a high standard in accordance with latest codes of practice by experienced RC Detailers / Draughtsman fully checked by a Chartered Structural Engineer.

Timber Design

Masonry Design

Timber elements are predominantly associated with the residential sector. Some of the more familiar timber design activities we are involved with are listed below:

Rafter, purlins, hip members, bespoke oak roof trusses, floor joists, flitch beams and timber connnections.

Masonry elements are predominantly associated with the residential sector. Some of the more familiar masonry design activities we are involved with are listed below:

Reinforced and unreinforced masonry cavity wall panels.

Wind posts.

Grouted/ reinforced cavity walls.

Free standing and retaining walls.

Lift shafts


Buttressing fin walls.

Lintels and padstones.


Movement Joints.

Brickwork repairs.

Structural Investigation / Surveys Reporting

We can conduct structural investigations and reports on modern or traditional buildings, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial properties. Some of the core structural reporting we carry out are outlined below.

Class Q reports for the conversion of rural buildings, defect investigation reports for mortgage surveys, chimney breast removal, fire damage/ car impact, subsidence, change of use, existing load capacity assessments, retaining wall failures and trial hole investigations.

We are accredited with the Institution of Strcutural Engineers as Chartered Structural Engineers.

Building the Future Together


We are a small flexible Structural Engineering Company based in Rossendale with over 30 years experience designing a wide spectrum of building structures.

Whether it's a new steel beam to a kitchen extension or a new power plant, we are able to provide a professional, efficient and competitive service to a variety of clients such as home owners, builders, developers, architects and surveyors.

Our broad experiene and expertise suitably position us to solve a wide range of Engineering issues.

We produce structural calculations and supporting drawings, professionally prepared by experienced Chartered Structural Engineer for submission to the local authority for Building Regulation Approval.


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