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A Structural Engineer’s role is to ensure that any built structure is safe and will work (in other words, not fall down/warp/sink) within the environment.  When you are undertaking home improvement projects, such as building an extension or converting a loft, Structural Engineers are essential working with Architects to ensure new designs are constructed safely and cost effectively.  So where an Architect decides how a project will look, the Structural Engineer decides how its built.

You will need a Structural Engineer on any project that involves removing load-bearing walls or chimney stacks, cutting timbers out of a roof structure, widening doorways or windows, digging basements or lowering floors, or building on soft or contaminated ground, or near large trees.

Your builder or architect should have a good idea whether you need to call on a Structural Engineer. If in doubt we’ll be happy to assist any queries or ask your local Building Control officer for impartial advice.

For further help and advice please visit the Institution of Structural Engineers Building Confidence webpage

You can also search for a Structural Engineer across the UK using the Institutions own database. Only firms with at least one member of the Institution of Structural Engineers are included, ensuring that you are put in touch with a trustworthy professional.