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Welcome to Shear Ltd

We are a small flexible Structural Engineering Company based in Rossendale with over 20 years experience designing a wide spectrum of building structures predominantly in the North West.

Whether it's a new steel beam to a kitchen extension or a new power plant, we are able to provide a professional, efficient and competitive service to a variety of clients such as home owners, builders, developers, architects and surveyors.

We produce structural calculations and supporting drawings, professionally prepared by qualified experienced Engineers and Draughtsman for submission to the local authority for Building Regulation Approval.



Substructure/ Foundation Design

Superstructure Design

Steelwork Element Design

Reinforced Concrete Element Design

Timber Element Design

Masonry Element Design

Computer Aided Design & Draughting

Residential Planning Application & Drawings

Reinforcement Bar Scheduling

Structural Investigations/ Reporting

Site Investigations

Structural Calculation Appraisal


Institute of Structual Engineers

Structural Investigations/ Reporting

We can conduct structural investigations reports on modern or traditional

buildings, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial properties.

The are three main types of structural investigation reports that we carry


  1. Elemental or Specialist Structural Investigation (SSI) report

    also known as defects diagnosis/ building pathology. This

    type of investigation is carried out where concern exists over

    specific parts of, or defects in, a property. Examples of this

    specialist work are the detailed study of movement, cracking,

    bulging, timber decay of a structure.

  2. General Structural Investigation (GSI) report, in which a

    whole property is investigated in full. This report may

    recommend an Elemental or Specialist Structural Investigation

    (SSI) report be undertaken or other specialist advice be

    sought relating to specific issues.

  3. Investigation Prior to Alteration (IPA) report. This may be

    required prior to the extension or alteration of an existing

    building. Subject to the necessary authority from the building

    owner, it may involve opening up, measuring, calculations to

    check the adequacy of the existing structural elements.


Other types of investigation include:


  • Fire damage assessments

  • Disproportionate collapse assessments

  • Wind loading assessments

  • Change of use assessments

  • Existing load capacity assessments