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Welcome to Shear Ltd

We are a small flexible Structural Engineering Company based in Rossendale with over 20 years experience designing a wide spectrum of building structures predominantly in the North West.

Whether it's a new steel beam to a kitchen extension or a new power plant, we are able to provide a professional, efficient and competitive service to a variety of clients such as home owners, builders, developers, architects and surveyors.

We produce structural calculations and supporting drawings, professionally prepared by qualified experienced Engineers and Draughtsman for submission to the local authority for Building Regulation Approval.



Substructure/ Foundation Design

Superstructure Design

Steelwork Element Design

Reinforced Concrete Element Design

Timber Element Design

Masonry Element Design

Computer Aided Design & Draughting

Residential Planning Application & Drawings

Reinforcement Bar Scheduling

Structural Investigations/ Reporting

Site Investigations

Structural Calculation Appraisal


Institute of Structual Engineers

Site Investigations

With an increasing proportion of developments occurring on previously

developed 'Brownfield Sites' and ever more challenging greenfield sites,

there has never been a greater need to carry out adequate site

investigations. A well designed site investigation can often lead to project

cost savings in the long term by allowing contractors to foresee potential



For small developments on established known ground we are able to carry

out trial hole investigation, report findings and propose economical



For more complex sites we are able to arrange specialists able to carry out

a wide variety of site investigation techniques including fieldwork and

laboratory testing to suit any size of project.