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Welcome to Shear Ltd

We are a small flexible Structural Engineering Company based in Rossendale with over 20 years experience designing a wide spectrum of building structures predominantly in the North West.

Whether it's a new steel beam to a kitchen extension or a new power plant, we are able to provide a professional, efficient and competitive service to a variety of clients such as home owners, builders, developers, architects and surveyors.

We produce structural calculations and supporting drawings, professionally prepared by qualified experienced Engineers and Draughtsman for submission to the local authority for Building Regulation Approval.



Substructure/ Foundation Design

Superstructure Design

Steelwork Element Design

Reinforced Concrete Element Design

Timber Element Design

Masonry Element Design

Computer Aided Design & Draughting

Residential Planning Application & Drawings

Reinforcement Bar Scheduling

Structural Investigations/ Reporting

Site Investigations

Structural Calculation Appraisal


Institute of Structual Engineers

Structural Engineers – What we do

Structural Engineers analyse, design, plan, and research structural

components and structural systems to achieve design goals to ensure

the safety and comfort of users or occupants. Our work takes account

mainly of safety, technical, economic and environmental concerns, but we

may also consider aesthetic and social factors.


We ensure that structures are built to be strong enough and stable

enough to resist all appropriate structural loads (e.g., gravity, wind,

snow, rain, seismic, earth pressure, temperature, and traffic) in order to

prevent or reduce loss of life or injury. We also design structures to be

strong enough to not deflect or vibrate beyond acceptable limits. Human

comfort is an issue that is regularly considered in these limits. Fatigue is

also an important consideration for structures that experience a large

number of stress cycles over their lifetimes such as crane girders.

Consideration is also given to durability of materials against possible

deterioration, which may impair performance over the design lifetime.


All structural design is achieved using mathematical calculations based on

engineering principles and established codes of practice and standards.

These design principles are then conveyed onto drawings for use in



All our calculations are carried out by Chartered Structural Engineers.

Legally it is not necessary to be a Chartered member of the Institution of

Structural/ Civil Engineers when working on structures in the UK, however

industry practice, insurance and liabilities dictate that an appropriately

qualified engineer be responsible for such work.


The overall process to become chartered begins after graduation from a

UK degree, or a MSc degree. To qualify as a Chartered Structural Engineer,

a graduate needs to go through four years of Initial Professional

Development followed by a professional interview by an Institution. After

passing the interview, the candidate sits an eight hour professional

examination. The election to chartered membership (MIStructE) depends

on the examination result. The candidate can register at the Engineering

Council UK as a Chartered Structural Engineer once he or she has been

elected as a Chartered Member.


For home owners extending their residence who have little or no

knowledge about the whole process or question why they need a

Structural Engineer please refer to our dedicated home owners page.


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